Formy Books – a diverse range of beautiful and inclusive children’s books

Formy Books is an independent family-run publisher whose mission is to increase positive Black representation across all genres in children's literature

Printed in the UK, Formy Books is a Community Interest Company and Independent Children’s Book Publisher, established in early 2020 by partners Ebony Lyon and Curtis Ackie.

They say: “In our home, book time is something we all love to share. This translates into our drive to create uplifting books that illustrate the amazing everyday moments children experience and portray their adventures authentically. Fun, everyday things for children to enjoy.

“The world is beautifully diverse, and we believe our books should accurately reflect this. To develop positive self-image and empathy, children should see themselves, and others authentically reflected in the pages they read. Our stories feature Black characters in incidental ways, simply experiencing the human experience of everyday life.”

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