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The monthly newsletter is for anyone and everyone who wants to support the black economy

BusinessLive has launched IAMBOB, a newsletter all about black-owned businesses in Britain.

The newsletter follows on from our #IAMBOB campaign and is for anyone and everyone who wants to support the black economy and find out more about the work of different black-owned companies in every region and nation of the UK.

Each month the newsletter will feature black British businesses – from fresh new start-ups to well-established larger firms – which are making waves in the business world.

It comes as a damning report reveals that for the first time in six years there are no black chief executives, chairs or chief financial officers at any of the firms listed on the FTSE 100.

The report also highlighted that prospects for increased black representation at executive level at top firms are slim, with numbers in the leadership pipeline down to less than 1%.

Black people make up 3.3% of the UK population but only run 0.67 per cent of UK businesses.

So Solid Crew’s Swiss, who founded Black Pound Day, told BusinessLive ‘s sister site the Mirror that campaigns such as his and that of #IAMBOB are vital to close the £3.2bn UK pay gap for Black, Asian and ethnic minority workers compared to white colleagues doing the same work.

The music producer came up with the idea of Black Pound Day, twelve years ago, which resurfaced during the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the anti-racism protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

“I’ve always been part of the protest community but in this instance, we needed something productive to come out of this. I thought it was the perfect time to redirect the energy and have a positive outcome.”

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