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Untold Stories is a newsletter focused on minority communities across the UK.

Delivered to email inboxes regularly, the stories shared by Untold Stories have been varied. It featured the story of a refugee who arrived in England at the age of 14 after travelling here from Eritrea in the hope of achieving a better life.

While Chinese New Year may be associated with parades in this country, Untold Stories spoke to people forced to spend it away from loved ones due to the ongoing pandemic , while those who wish to celebrate still fear those in their homeland .

In another edition Untold Stories spoke to Black hairdressers in one part of Kent to discuss how the hairdressing industry has had to evolve and adapt to include those with Afro-textured hair.

Editor, Luke Jacobs said: “Our Untold Stories newsletter for readers from our minority communities has more than 20,000 loyal and engaged subscribers, and covers the whole of the UK.

“News, features, food and profiles from writers around the regions — this is just the start!”

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